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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Howto: Hooking Up A KVM Switch
I'm going to show you how you can use your dual screen setup and still use your xbox 360 at the same time. I have my xbox hooked up to 1 monitor and the other is my iMac; i was wondering if i could still have my dual screen setup and still use my xbox 360 without having to disconnect and re-hook up the VGA cables and this is that solution for that.

How To: VGA Cable To Computer Monitor (Xbox 360)
Ever wonder if you can play your xbox 360 off your beautiful HD widescreen monitor but had no clue on how to do it? Well im here to help you! Follow this tutorial and you'll be playing games in the brightest and best mode.

I use this with my xbox 360 and i have nothing to complain about, make sure you do everything correctly so you do not have an issue. If your interested in the monitor I have it is an Acer x223w.

Mac Tutorial - Setting Up Dual Screens
Brief tutorial on how you can set up dual display or commonly known as "dual monitor displays". Using my 20 inch iMac and a 15 inch LG LCD monitor. If you are using an iMac or any other mac product pleas follow this tutorial; and also note I'm sorry about the darkness, I will try to re-upload a newer version with better lighting.

What you will need for this is an iMac or your Apple product, another monitor doesn't matter which kind CRT or LCD as long as it has a VGA slot port and a Mini DVI to VGA Adapter.

Mac Tutorial - Formatting External Hard Drive
How to format a hard drive on a mac when you dont want to use time machine, because I know I wanted to just use the hard drive alone and not use time machine and add my own stuff on to the hard drive itself.

I'm hoping this tutorial will easily guide you through and help you out because it's quick, simple and very easy to understand and follow!

Mac Tutorial - Fresh Installation of Mac OS X
If your a beginner to a mac it can be confusing on how you can put a fresh installation of mac os x on your imac, macbook or macbook pro so i decided to help you out, and i hope this tutorial does help those in need of it.

I hope to help those who need the held because watching other tutorials are not very specific or go step by step so i decided to do this to help everyone out.

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